This product is rotated in our store and is not a permanent dessert fixture.  It is always available for special orders.


Crafted by a family bakery in New Jersey:

1) Red Velvet Cake Pop: Classic red velvet cake that’s enrobed in cream cheese icing. This pop is then dipped in red velvet cake crumbs.

2) Chocolate Cake Pop: Rich chocolate cake that is enrobed in delectable chocolate ganache and dipped into chocolate sprinkles. 

3) Chocolate Peanut Butter Cake Pop: Rich and delectable chocolate cake that’s enrobed in scrumptious peanut butter ganache and dipped in chocolate chips.

4) Carrot Cake Pop: Moist carrot cake enrobed in cream cheese icing. This perfect pop is then dipped into walnuts.

5) Strawberry Cake Pop: Moist vanilla cake mixed with delicious strawberry preserves. This pop is then enrobed in colorful strawberry icing and topped with white sprinkles. Like an ice cream sundae!


Assorted Gourmet Cake Pops (on rotation)