Perhaps the most revered fish caviar in the world of food connoisseurs, Beluga Sturgeon Caviar is one of the prominent sources of black caviar. The hybrid variety between Huso Huso(X) x Acipenser Baerii(Y), it is treated by Caspian Salt Masters. Beluga hybrid sturgeon caviar possesses a mild buttery note than the traditional Beluga caviar along with the earthy and nutty tones of Siberian sturgeon. Its trademark characteristics include its rich, creamy flavor and large-sized pearly grains. With a smooth, butter-like consistency, the heavenly sturgeon pearls range from light grey to black shade. Beluga caviar hybrid is imported to the USA according to US Custom declaration for importation of Fish or Wildlife and with Cites permit.


Wild-caught Beluga is illegal.  Multiple sizes available either in glass jar or metal tin.  Please inquire.

Beluga Sturgeon Black Caviar


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