Through a carefully controlled process of lactic acid bacteria fermentation of cream, we have been able to produce the best quality sour cream for the consumption of our esteemed customers. We desire to have a regular supply of fresh product daily and thanks to technology, we have successfully been able to produce fresh cream without any hassle.


Our brand prides itself in quality and consumer satisfaction, and with every purchase of this product, you are guaranteed quality and a satisfying taste.

The nutritional benefits of sour cream have been explored, and it is beneficial to the body. It is rich in protein, calcium, phosphorus and other nutrients that help in building a healthy body and strong bones. It is an excellent substitute for mayonnaise for dressing salads. We have been able to regulate the fat content of our products to be able to fit your preferences as our consumer, and we hope to serve you better with every purchase of any of our variants of sour cream. Our packaging is unique, and Sour Cream is easy to differentiate from others.

Amish Sour Cream


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