A fresh blueberry bagel from New York City is the start of a wonderful breakfast — or snack. The aroma of baked-in blueberries fills the room upon slicing, and is beautifully amplified upon toasting.


For shipments, bagels will be sent frozen (par-baked) with easy-to-bake instructions!!!


Here are just a few way to enjoy this fantastic, blueberry bagel:

  • Split and toast, then spread with creamy butter or a butter substitute. Delicious and incredibly satisfying!
  • For babies or young children, keep carry them whole, as-is in a bag for quick and easy snacking on the go. All bagels are great for teething youngsters!
  • Split and serve toasted, warm or cold with a heavy schmear of cream cheese. The cream cheese and blueberry combination create an unexpected and delectable flavor.
  • For a special, decadent breakfast, toast and layer with grilled bacon, sausage or Canadian bacon.

Blueberry Bagel


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