QUANTITY = POUND.  This product is sliced in-store to any specification.  For internet sales, this product will be sold via 1 pound vacuum-packed chunks.


Bruder Basil is a smoked cheese that was originally made by trappist monks in the abbey of Rotthalmunster in Bavaria. In the early 1900’s cheesemaker Basil Weixler learnt to make this cheese from the monks (the Bruder in German) and the cheese is still made by the same dairy today.


The cheese has a creamy and supple texture, is very mild in flavor with a very pronounced smokiness which is derived from beech wood smoke. The smokiness is preserved by putting a thin wax layer over the rind.

Omnipresent in any and all culinary establishments in Bavaria, it is also a great addition to fondues, in salads and on sandwiches anywhere else in the world.

Bruder Basil Smoked Cheese


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