Our Nut Rolls are made with imported European Flour, which makes them a step above authentic.  And when you add California Walnuts and some other secret ingredients, the result is PHENOMENAL!!!


Nut rolls are a popular dessert throughout Eastern Europe typically made with a yeast-risen dough and walnuts. Nut rolls have earned such revered status that they are usually placed in a separate category from other rolled-type desserts like poppyseed or almond rolls, or strudels.

What the nut rolls are called varies widely, even from region to region in the same country. They are known as potica (poh-TEET-sah), gubana, ​and gubanica in Slovenian, strucla orzechami in Polish, orechovnik in Slovak, povitica (poh-vee-TEET-sah) in Croatian, orehnjaea and diosbejgli in Hungarian, orehnjaca in Serbian and Croatian, banitsa in Bulgarian, and on, and on. But no matter what they're named, they always make an appearance at weddings, Christmas, Easter, and other church and national holidays.

Authentic Walnut Roll

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