A New York City cranberry oat bagel (a.k.a. cranberry energy bagel) is just what you need to get kick started into your day. In fact, if your first stop is the gym or straight to work, this energy bagel is actually one of the first things you should get on the way to ensure you don’t crash from lack of nutrients half-way through! For shipments, bagels will be sent par-baked with easy-to-bake instructions!!! What is a cranberry oat bagel and why has it become so appreciated?	The cranberry oat bagel is actually a multi-grain cranberry energy bagel. It has several attributes that can be helpful to the busy worker or parent!	The multiple grains used in the energy bagel add protein to the natural carbohydrates, and make the carbs themselves complex instead of simple. This means that the energy burst from eating the bagel lasts longer and is stronger!	The cranberries in an energy bagel add not just flavor, but needed nutrients and anti-oxidants. These can help you feel healthier by improving your immune system, and lessen feelings of fatigue – both physical and brain related!	The flax, raisins and sunflower seeds in energy bagels also add extra nutrients to help you stay healthy and get through your day.	 The cranberry oat bagel is one of the most popular “on-the-go” bagels for breakfast and lunch. This bagel could make the difference between struggling to get through Monday and being up for any task right when you punch in. Grab one today and see the difference in your energy levels!

Cranberry Oat Bagel