We prepare egg noodles based on traditional recipes - their taste is like a return to childhood. However, it is thanks to the addition of durum wheat that it is much more valuable.   It contains many nutritional values, including lutein, B vitamins, potassium, iron and folic acid. In addition, durum wheat has a lower glycemic index, which is why diabetics and people with a healthy lifestyle eagerly reach for this pasta. 


Egg noodles made from durum wheat combine traditional flavor with rational nutrition. It is an offer for those who appreciate tradition and modernity.


The addition of eggs and nutritious wheat makes a meal with egg noodles extremely filling. In summer, you can eat it cold with seasonal vegetables or fruit, and on cooler days, we recommend the addition of warm, warming sauces and soups. It is worth emphasizing that it is hard durum wheat that produces top-shelf Italian pastes. This variety of pasta absorbs less water and also has more grip. No more sauce that stubbornly flows down the pasta!


We produce egg noodles in various shapes - from traditional slices to shells, bows, threads, noodles, and even pasta in the form of rice or letters. Each of them has the same delicious taste and amber color - choose the one you like the most! Our egg noodles become soft and springy after a short cooking time. It is perfect for soups, sauces and sweet dishes. The same pasta was kneaded by our grandmothers!

Czaniecki Makaron 5-Egg Noodle Pasta (5 Jajeczny Gwiazdka) 8.8 oz (250g)

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