Deliciously creamy dessert delight with the typical delicious raspberry-cream taste of the classic pie 

The raspberry cream cream has sophistication: If you like the raspberry cream cake, then you will love this sweet dish. It combines the typical taste of the classic pie with the creamy style of a dessert.

Delight your friends or family with the fine fruity note of raspberries. And you do not have to spend much time preparing it. The raspberry cream by Dr. Oetker is quick and easy: you just have to open the dessert powder, add a little cold milk and then put it in a cold place. After the short cooling time, the raspberry cream cream is ready to enjoy. Round off the dessert with raspberries or other berry fruits. This gives the raspberry-cream-cream of Dr. Oetker an extra fresh nuance. 

Dr.Oetker Himbeer Sahne Creme (Raspberry Cream) 2 oz. (59g)