An everything bagel is at the pinnacle of bagel hierarchy!!! And with egg added, the flavor and texture is taked to a higher level.  A fresh egg everything New York bagel is without a doubt the first thing you think of when you consider ordering bagels in New York or elsewhere. For shipments, bagels will be sent par-baked with easy-to-bake instructions!!! What goes into making an Everything Bagel?	The ingredients in an everything bagel are somewhat standard — fresh base bagel dough is the starting point for most bagels, and the difference with the everything bagel is all in the toppings.	After the bagel is shaped, proofed and boiled, it is prepared for baking. An egg wash is used by many to provide a sticky surface for the toppings.	Poppy seeds and sesame seeds provide the black and tan speckled look associated with the everything bagel. And yes, the rumors are true – poppy seeds can make you test positive for drugs, so make sure you keep the receipt!	Dried onion flakes and dried garlic flakes go on as well for extra flavor. These add a bit of a punch under the snap of the seeds.	Finally, kosher salt or sea salt is sprinkled on. This is the final touch before baking to a golden brown finish. The egg everything bagel is usually served with a schmear of cream cheese, or eaten plain.

Egg Everything Bagel