Care can be so fresh!!!


Fa Vanilla Honey Yoghurt Shower Cream combines mild care and pampering freshness.  The particularly light formula with yoghurt protein helps the skin maintain its natural moisture balance while protecting it against drying out - for noticeably soft - and supple skin feeling.  The mild Vanilla-Honey fragrance captures your senses and makes showering a unique experience.

  • Reliable protection against dry skin;
  • Mild and sensual fragrance of vanilla and honey;
  • Dermatologically tested skin compatibility;
  • pH skin-neutral.


European Union rigorously regulates the cosmetics industry just like the food industry.  The result is wonderful ingredients with results, not potentially harmful side effects.

Fa Yoghurt Vanilla Honey Shower Cream 9 oz (250ml)

SKU: JJ8FA0048

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