A fresh and fruity speciality from the Rhineland.


The local fruit is so delicious: the company only uses freshly picked fruit from regional producers and in abundant quantities! They use 255g of apples and 25g of pears to produce 100g of Apfelschmaus.

They use traditional methods to produce the original Rhenish apple spread - a perfect accompaniment to sweet pancakes and potato pancakes! This Apfelschmaus is also great on crispy bread, as an ingredient in desserts and sweet treats and in fruity dressings and sauces


The European Union states: Grafschafter Apfelschmaus, a Rhenish apple spread, is a regional speciality with protected geografical indication in accordance with the eligible criteria of the EU.

Grafschafter Apfelschmaus is naturally gluten- and lactose-free.


Grafschafter Rheinisches Apfelkraut (Apple Butter) 11.2 oz (320g)