QUANTITY = POUND.  This product is sliced in-store to any specification.  For internet sales, this product will be sold via 1 pound vacuum-packed chunks.


The European Commission granted protected geographical indication (PGI) status to this Holsteiner Tilsiter cheese from Germany. Holsteiner Tilsiter is described as a traditionally produced semihard cheese made from cow’s milk that is continuously worked with Brevibacterium linens during the ripening phase and has between 30 percent and 60 percent fat in the dry matter. It can be made from either raw milk or pasteurized milk. Other than the classic wheel shape, the cheese is being made increasingly in a loaf shape. It has a thin, yellow-brown, natural rind that is processed with a mixture of Brevibacterium linens, whey and skimmed milk or brine during the ripening phase, which is at least five weeks long. The light yellow cheese is semi-hard, springy and very supple. Holsteiner Tilsiter features the eyes and cracks that are typical for Tilsiter. 


Hold your nose and enjoy this unique and original taste!!!


Holsteiner Tilsiter Cheese