While foodies seek far and wide for the latest gourmet candy to hit the shelves, J. Luehders of Germany astounds with their Vegan Soft Candy. With three distinct varieties - exotic fruits, red berries, and fruity flowers - they’ve spanned the flavor gamut in the most delightful and playful way. Soft, delectable gummy candies are reminiscent of childhood fruit snacks, but with an indulgent panache only Luehders could actualize. Luehders has catered to all the major players with their Vegan Soft Candy. The health conscious, environmentalists, and animal lovers respectively will each find solace in this heavenly treat. Not only is the candy vegan and free from gelatin as the name implies, but it also contains no artificial colors or flavors, and is made with sustainable palm oil.

J Luehders Red Berries Vegan Bag 2.8 oz


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