Jacobs traces its beginnings to 1895 in Germany.  That’s when 26-year-old Johan Jacobs opened a specialty coffee shop in Bremen. Jacobs coffee is now sold throughout Europe and the Middle East, and is a market leader in Germany, Austria, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Romania and Ukraine.  Available in roast and ground, whole beans, soluble crystals, capsules, coffee pods and flavored mixes, Jacobs continues to set the industry standard for delicious coffee.


Jacobs Moments Cappuccino Classico provides fine creaminess, first-class taste and extra thick foam for spooning. Whether you enjoy a hot cup for breakfast, with a delicious piece of cake in the afternoon or while having a relaxed and undisturbed moment on your couch – Jacobs Moments is ideal for any occasion and the preparation is quite simple also. Simply add a few teaspoons of instant powder to taste to your favorite mug, add hot water and enjoy.

Jacobs Momente Cappuccino Classico Can 14.1 oz (400g)


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