This product is rotated in our store and is not a permanent dessert fixture.  It is always available for special orders.


A two-fer treat from Junior's. Indulge in two of your favorite desserts with this single delicacy. A traditional carrot cake layer combining carrots and cinnamon is paired with a New York cheesecake layer and then topped with cream cheese frosting for a taste that really stacks up!


  • Net weight 3 lbs; measures 7"Diam
  • Traditional carrot cake layer with carrots and cinnamon paired with New York-style cheesecake layer; topped with cream cheese frosting


In 1973, Junior’s found its cheesecake celebrated in print. Ron Rosenbaum of The Village Voice had this to say… “There will never be a better cheesecake than the cheesecake they serve at Junior’s… it’s the best cheesecake in the material world.” That same year, New York Magazine conducted a blind taste test and rated Junior’s the best cheesecake in the New York. Since then, Junior's cheesecake has won several accolades and awards including the "Best Overall Mailorder Cheesecake" from the Wall Street Journal and Best Food Gift NY from People Magazine. Taste the difference yourself and you'll know why they say "The World's Most Fabulous Cheesecake."

Junior's Skyscraper New York Carrot Cake Cheesecake Slice (on rotation)

SKU: SSGR12775