Kalles Kaviar is based on a recipe that is several hundred years old that originates from the Swedish west coast, and in particular from Lysekil. The product is mainly made of salted cod roe (gadus morhua), sugar, canola oil and spices.


Smörgåskaviar, or sandwich caviar, is an affordable alternative to the costly Sturgeon varieties. Made with smoked cod roe, this spread is typically served atop buttered Swedish Crispbread. It is also great with eggs: dabbed over hard-boiled eggs, or mixed in omelettes along with dill and/or chives


Catch area: Codroom (Gadus morhua) - Norwegian Sea and Barents Sea. Sejrom (Pollachius virens) - Norwegian Sea, Baren Sea and North Sea

Kalles Caviar Cod Roe Spread Tube 6.7 oz (190g)