Egg noodles are a source of national pride in Hungary, inextricably linked to the country’s cuisine and culture. With hundreds of shapes to choose from, there is a place for Hungarian egg noodles at every meal - from breakfast through dinner and dessert. While Italian pasta is made with Durum wheat semolina and water, Hungarian egg noodles are made exclusively with wheat flour and eggs. Kelemen Homemade Fine Egg Noodles are hand crafted – with select fresh eggs and enriched Hungarian wheat flour. Delicate, ultra-thin and approximately 2 inches long, our Homemade Fine Egg Noodles are a wonderful ingredient for any soup recipe calling for very thin egg noodles. In Hungary, Fine Egg Noodles are traditionally used in clear soups, including Tyúkhúsleves, Hungarian Chicken Soup – and Csontleves, a Bone Broth Soup with carrots, turnips (or parsnips) and sometimes stewed meat. Add Kelemen Homemade Fine Egg Noodles to your vegetable, chicken, turkey, beef or fish soups and they could become a new family favorite!

Kelemen Authentic Hungarian Egg Noodles 10 oz (285g)


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