Roasted buckwheat  has a more intense and distinct taste than white buckwheat. It is very well known, valued and often used in European cuisine.


This rich source of  magnesium is a perfect complement to the diet of coffee drinkers who are at risk of losing it.


Silicon  present in buckwheat protects the body against hair breakage, nails, fatigue and heart attack.


It is valued by physically active people, vegans and vegetarians, due to the presence of high-quality and easily digestible  protein.


Low glycemic index  and  fiber  ensure satiety for a longer time.

Included in roasted buckwheat -  rutin and quercetin  strengthen blood vessels.


It is most often used to prepare a delicious cassotto with mushrooms, cooked loose, it tastes great with meat dishes, it will also work well as an ingredient: pates, cutlets, salads. It can be served sweet with fruit and dried fruit.

Passim Roasted Buckwheat Groats (Крупа Гречневая Алтайская) 28.2 oz (800g)

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