Niederegger's  2020 Loaf of the Year, succulent marzipan is paired with toffee and hazelnut pieces, all encased in a crisp dark chocolate.  This delicious combination is a true taste sensation.
Although marzipan originated in the Orient and later made its way to Europe during the Crusades, Lubeck Germany has become world renowned for the production of some of the finest marzipan across the globe. Niederegger has been producing marzipan delicacies in Lubeck for centuries and the city and company have become inextricably linked within the minds and hearts of the faithful.To say that Niederegger has a loyal following would be an understatement, but the underlying reason for this almost cult following is quite simple, the original recipe has remained unchanged for more than 200 years.

Niederegger Lübeck Hazelnut ("Hazelnuss") Toffee Loaf 4.4 oz (125g)