While some may think the plain bagel is boring, to the purist there is no better bread. A perfectly mixed, proofed and baked plain bagel from New York has several prime attributes that take it from ordinary to something you absolutely adore sinking your teeth into. For shipments, bagels will be sent par-baked with easy-to-bake instructions!!! Here is what you can expect when you enjoy a delicious, fresh, New York Bagels plain bagel:	This classic plain bagel has a lovely golden crust, shiny and hard on the surface, with a glossy appearance unmarred by any topping. Anything that is added to a plain bagel automatically removes its claim to the name, “plain!”	The properly cooked plain bagel is just soft enough to tear into with your teeth, the crust giving way to a well-risen inside that is chewy without being tough. This is a real New York bagel, not a soft, French bread- like substitute that is often sold in grocery stores or donut shops!	The healthy plain bagel has a mild, wholesome flavor that lends itself to showcasing any desired topping, from plain or flavored cream cheese to lox, caviar, egg and bacon, or even hummus or grilled vegetables.	A delicious plain bagel should be eaten fresh and hot for best flavor and texture. Stale bagels shouldn’t be tossed, however — they can be turned into croutons, bread crumbs, or toasty bagel chips!	 Don’t look down on the plain bagel! It is modest in its claims, but like a well loved accessory that goes with everything in the wardrobe. Enjoy plain New Yorker bagels today!

Plain Bagel