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The salpicão is a traditional Portuguese sausage. It is smoked, light brown in color, cylindrical in shape. It is made ​​with loin of pork, flavored with salt, white or red wine, garlic, and sweet or spicy paprika. The casing is a thick intestine of a pig, shaped in a straight form. After being hung within the casing, the meat is aged for 8 days, to improve the taste.


It is a popular enchido in the region of Trás-os-Montes, with records of their production dating from the eighteenth century.


It can be eaten sliced, either thick or thin, with bread.Note that in Brazil the name salpicão is used with an entirely different meaning, meaning a salad containing beef, chicken, or turkey and a variety of vegetables.


Made by a 50-year-old Portuguese family butchershop.

Portuguese Salpicão (Salpicao) Sausage


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