You are purchasing an approximately 1.15 pound vacuum-packed chunk.


This product is crafted by one of the most historic Portuguese butchershops in the entire USA.  It is made from the pork loin most often used for Canadian bacon, but with belly meat left on.  The secret spice mixture is sprinkled on the bacon until the right color is reached.  


This bacon can be thinly sliced and baked and served with a warm tomato and fried egg. But most Portuguese like it sliced thick, about the size of a thin hamburger, and roasted on the barbecue.  


Also, Portuguese bacon has more of a ham flavor with a kind of Spanish chorizo aftertaste like spicy and sweet paprika. It is usually fried in olive oil at medium temperature until it becomes a crispy brown.

Portuguese Toucinho Fumado (Smoked Bacon) 1.15 lb


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