The pumpernickel bagel may get overlooked because no one is quite sure what goes well with it. The simple answer is, everything goes well with pumpernickel! For shipments, bagels will be sent par-baked with easy-to-bake instructions!!! If you enjoy something on any other bagel, the odds are you will like it on pumpernickel as well. With that said, there are some favorite toppings that can take a tasty plain pumpernickel New York bagel to a whole new level of flavor. Here are a few favorite toppings for pumpernickel bagels that you may not have thought of before:	Any kind of spread is a winner, but salmon or pimento go particularly well.	Bologna or Liverwurst are classic companions of pumpernickel. You may want to stash a little at the office for an extra special midday treat.	Cream cheese is another favorite topping that doesn’t overpower the taste of the bagel itself. Sometimes simple combinations are the best!	Butter, particularly melted in, is always a good choice! It’s simple, tasty and ready in a snap.	Pretty much any kind of cheese spread, particularly cheddar, is bound to satisfy your cravings.	Sometimes, plain old mustard is a great mate of pumpernickel, but a spicy Dijon is always a hit with your taste buds. It may not be what people typically think of when they think of bagel toppings, but it is fantastic!

Pumpernickel Bagel