Cod is one of the most popular species of fish, and her liver is one of the most popular canned food. In such canned cod liver seasoned with Bay leaf and pepper, swims in its own fat. This is the most important source of invaluable, as we know since childhood, fish oil, and the fat content of this product is extremely high (over 60%), but this is the useful fat - containing polyunsaturated omega-3 fatty acids.


Cod liver oil is sold everywhere, the price of it is small, so those who loved her, she often present in the diet. Typically, this product just make sandwiches, but if you want you can do much more interesting, tasty and healthy dishes: salads, snacks and even soups. Most often this product combine with boiled potatoes, boiled eggs and onions, but this is only the most popular combinations in practice with cod liver combine many products, among which she, as a rule, is the main in terms of taste, the others only its complement.



Retro Natural Cod Liver in Oil with Bay Leaf and Allspice Pepper 6.7 oz (190g)

SKU: GS33444