A New York salt bagel is even better than a pretzel, according to many. The warm taste of the chewy bread topped with the sharp taste of the topping is what makes a salt New York bagel the most excellent morning (or afternoon or after work) snack!


For shipments, plain bagels will be sent frozen (par-baked) with easy-to-bake instructions!!!  Also, a small packet of coarse salt will be included!!!


Here are a few ideas of how to use up these bagels:

  • Slice and cover with plenty of sharp cheddar cheese and some bacon bits. Stick under the broiler for a guilty midnight snack.
  • Toast until golden brown and spread with salsa for a southwestern kick. Add some sliced jalapeños for added spiciness!
  • Let dry out completely and toss in the blender to turn into crumbs. Use for breading veggies for deep frying, or for chicken, pork or fish.
  • Cube and toast lightly on a baking sheet for instant croutons. Drizzle with a flavored oil first for flavored croutons!


The salt bagel may seem humble, but it is one of the favorite New York bagels of all time.

Salt Bagel


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