QUANTITY = POUND.  This product is sliced in-store to any specification.  For internet sales, this product will be sold via 1 pound vacuum-packed chunks.


True Italian bouquet - tomatoes, paprika and basil saturated with delicate cheese exquisite taste bouquet of spices.  

It is often added to salads and sauces, to meat or fish.  Italian pasta, spaghetti, ravioli and pizza taste great when seasoned with this cheese.


This cheese will be an indispensable ingredient in Italian dishes and a savory addition to the wines of Sangiovese and Nebbiolo grapes.


Taste and aroma: pronounced cheesy, spicy, with a taste combination of tomatoes, paprika and basil.

Consistency: plastic, maybe a little brittle

Figure: Irregular, angular and slit-shaped eyes, evenly distributed throughout the mass

Color: white to light yellow

Semi-Hard Cheese Neopolitan with Paprika, Basil, and Tomato


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