A sesame bagel is a healthy, mild choice for those who don’t want to bagel to overwhelm the topping, but it’s a tad more interesting than a plain bagel. A sesame bagel is ideal for slicing while fresh and spreading with tangy toppings.


Here are several favorites from sesame bagel lovers:

  • Herbed goat cheese is an alternative to cream cheese. Add a little roasted pepper and thin sliced turkey for a heart healthy bagel sandwich.
  • Slice, spread with peanut butter and your choice of jam, jelly, honey, mashed banana or anything else you adore. Some “out there” options include olives, pickles, or crushed potato chips!
  • Cut each round in half sideways, then in quarters. The curved sticks can be toasted and used for dipping up hummus or other thick dips.
  • Place a thin crab cake on top of a half of a sesame bagel and top with a dollop of your preferred sauce. Serve as a starter or side for a seafood meal.
  • Split a warm sesame bagel and spread heavily with butter. Sprinkle with a dash of cinnamon and sugar for a treat that is fast and easy.


The sesame bagel is one of the most beloved bagels. These sesame bagels can be part of a healthy diet — just don’t overindulge and eat them all yourself!!!

Sesame Bagel