QUANTITY = POUND.  This product is sliced in-store to any specification.  For internet sales, this product will be sold via 1 pound vacuum-packed chunks.


This is John Taylor’s Original Pork Roll and it is what most New Jerseyans ask for by name. Made since 1856 it ia a main staple of diners, kitchens, holiday tables, and boardwalks of the Garden State. What is the difference between Taylor Ham and Taylor Pork Roll? The proper name according to the manufacturer, Taylor Provisions of Trenton NJ, is John Taylor’s “Original Taylor Pork Roll.”


It was originally called “Taylor Ham” and although the name was changed in 1906 many North Jerseyans still call it simply, “Taylor Ham.” Think of it as Kleenex is to tissues, Taylor Ham is to Pork Roll. 


Feel free to order a Taylor Ham, Egg, and Cheese on one of our New York Bagels.

Taylor Ham Pork Roll