Tchibo Family is a particularly full-aromatic coffee. Its rich and invigorating taste will meet the preferences of every coffee lover and is the perfect choice for your daily coffee moments or for a warm casual gathering with family and friends. To create this coffee, the Tchibo coffee experts carefully roast specially selected coffee beans to a rich and full-aromatic coffee that you ca enjoy in every cup. The fresh energy of Tchibo Family will get you going anytime throughout the day. Pre-ground for suitable use in most coffee preparation methods including stovetop moka and espresso makers, french press, and drip coffee makers.

The Tchibo Promise: We carefully choose the best beans and our special roasting gives each of our products its unique and amazing aroma and taste for your preference and way of preparing.

Tchibo Kawa Mielona Family (Ground Coffee) 8.8 oz (250g)

SKU: BI15509