Quantity = Pound.  This product is sliced in-store to any specification.  For internet sales, this product will be sold via 1 pound vacuum-packed chunks.


Salo is a quintessential Slavic dish. The local folklore includes many jokes and songs about it. The product is made using white pork fat. It is salted and can be kept for long periods of time. This traditional salo doesn’t include meat at all. Due to its high caloric value, salo remains as a significant part of a Ukrainian’s diet. It plays such an important role for health because it consists of the diverse vitamins and minerals that are necessary. Little portions are enough to reduce hunger. In fact, people have been consuming this type of food since the 15th century and it still remains popular today. Salo can also be served sliced on the bread.

Ukrainian or Russian Salo (Dry Salted Pork Belly)

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